April 2, 2011

Checkout and Shipping

I've had a few questions about the checkout and shipping process, so I thought I'd prepare a quick tutorial for you.

Once your cart is filled and you click "Checkout With Paypal," you'll be taken to Paypal to log in. For those who click "Checkout," the screen will look a bit differently... you'll be given an option to log in to Paypal or enter your name, address, shipping address and credit card number, but the rest should be the same.

You'll then see this screen:

Once you click Continue, you'll see this screen:

Some of you may remember that shipping issue I was trying to resolve? Well, this is it... the drop down menu selections don't always make sense. If you have a really lightweight item, such a TCM stamp or two, you might get the option to ship as a postcard for 28 cents. That isn't realistic. So you have to be sure to use the drop down menu and choose a realistic shipping option.

As I've said above, if you're only ordering one or two The Craft's Meow Stamps, which are very thin, you can get away with USPS First Class Mail Large Envelope. But if there's anything else in the package, you must choose at least USPS First Class Mail Package. These choices will only come up if your package weighs 13 oz or less.

Another problem is that the drop down menu isn't offering USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping. So far it hasn't been an issue for anyone, but I'm still trying to get that fixed. Trouble is, Shopify blames the USPS, and the USPS blames Shopify. Argh!!!

Anyway, back to the tutorial...

Once you apply any discount codes and select proper shipping, you'll see this:

And voila! You're ready to complete your purchase!

Thank you so much for shopping with me. It's really hard starting out. You begin to wonder if you've totally lost your mind or if you're doing the right thing. This is an evolutionary process, that's for sure. So please bear with me during the growing pains!

Don't forget... use the code AprilShowers at checkout from now through Tuesday April 5, 2011, to receive 20% off your total order!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Jennifer Scull said...

thank you so much for posting this! SUPER helpful for Goober Queens like me! ;)